Are You Being Secretly Recorded on the Beach?

Creeps with cameras are taking revealing photos of beachgoers – and what they do with them may shock you!

They are all over the internet - photos and videos of women on the beach, many zoomed-in to their breasts and backsides. They have no idea their pictures have been posted on the Internet for anyone to see.

Female beachgoers told INSIDE EDITION it's a constant hassle.

One said, “I've caught them trying to take pictures of me.”

“It's creepy,” another woman said.

“It's just gross,” another added.

So Lisa Guerrero and INSIDE EDITION’s I-Squad went to Miami Beach in Florida to track down the beach creeps taking those disturbing pictures and videos.

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It wasn’t hard. We found plenty of creepy guys roaming the beach with cameras and cell phones, clicking away. One guy tried to make it look like he was taking a selfie. Conveniently, there were beautiful women sunbathing behind him.

Guerrero caught up with the man as he was leaving the beach, “Were you taking pictures of women on the beach?”

“Yep,” he replied.

He found nothing wrong with it and said he would only be sharing the photos with his friends.

She then asked, “Do you think it's creepy that you would take pictures of these girls?”

“I don't think so,” he said.

He did however take issue with us filming him! “Do I need to sign a paper or something?” he asked.

Guerrero asked, “Did you ask those women that you took their pictures, did they sign a release for you?”

“No,” he replied.

“So why should you sign a release for me?” Guerrero asked.

Two tourists from Norway were dismayed when we notified them that he had taken pictures of them.

“It's kind of creepy and it's disgusting actually,” one said.

The other said, “If he had asked, we would have said, ‘no.’”

While it may be creepy, there's not much anyone can do because it's totally legal. For some, big money may be a motive. One web site charges $6 per download and another Web site charges a $20 per month subscription fee to see these photos and video.

The I-Squad spotted another guy strolling the beach for about 20 minutes filming women. Everywhere he went, he pointed his lens at female beachgoers.

He didn't even notice when an INSIDE EDITION producer walked right up behind him and saw him zooming in on women's backsides.

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Guerrero approached him while he was filming women and asked, “What are you filming right now?”

He replied, “It's my first time being out here I’m just filming. Wait, you're with INSIDE EDITION?”

She said, “Yeah, I noticed that you're taking some pictures of some ladies without their permission.”

“Well, I’m just taking, well, I don't want to be on camera,” he replied.

Guerrero asked, “Sir, what were you planning to do with that video?”

That's when he became a little camera shy and tried to flee from our cameras.

So if you're thinking of taking photos and videos of women without their permission, watch out, because you might end up with the camera turned on you!

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