Here Comes the Pug! Two Rescue Pooches Get Hitched

Two rescue pugs were married over the weekend in a lavish ceremony in Australia.

Two rescue pugs, Jasper and Jasmine, were married on Sunday after seven years of dating. Their wedding was an over the top gala with a red carpet for the ceremony.

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The bride wore a custom bedazzled gown reportedly worth $2,000 and the groom wore a tuxedo.

Over 300 people came to the event which was not only a wedding - it was also a charity gala for Pug Rescue and Adoption in Victoria, Australia. The organization rescued and rehabilitated the two pugs.

They were surrender by their owners in 2013 and were so obese they struggled to breathe and were both nearly blind due to a brown pigment covering their eyes. They both shed the weight and reversed the blindness with the help of the rescue. Seven months later, they found an adoptive family.

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The new husband and wife were able to finally celebrate their love for one another with a dog friendly cake, treats and they had bridesmaids and groomsmen assist in the ceremony. In lieu of gifts they had an online registry for items to help the Australian organization.

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