Who Were The Bikers Involved In Gang Shootout?

The identity of some of the bikers involved in the fatal shootout in Waco, Texas, has been revealed.

It's a staggering number: 170 bikers facing murder charges after the battle of Waco.

Texas police charged so many bikers; they had to book them at a local convention center!

Now we are learning who these bikers are and some of what they do for a living may surprise you.

One guy is a customer service representative at Penske, the truck rental company. Another guy works at FedEx. One biker is a service manager at a car dealership.

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The melee was between two biker gangs, The Cossacks and The Bandidos, whose slogan is: "We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About."

Law enforcement in Texas is bracing for more violence and released a bulletin warning officers to consider “all Bandidos and Cossacks members as armed and dangerous."

Undercover agent Charles Falco infiltrated motorcycle gangs for the feds. He's in disguise because he says biker gangs are still out to assassinate him.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “I travel the country training law enforcement on how to deal with these outlaw motorcycle gangs and so they reached out to me and asked me to come out to Waco because they saw this escalating problem between these two biker gangs.”

Falco says Sunday’s turf war between The Bandidos and The Cossacks is the worst biker violence in history.

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INSIDE EDITION’S Steven Fabian asked Falco, “What were the two rival gangs doing in that parking lot?”

“They were there to show force against each other. It was a biker event on Sunday day when there are a lot of what biker gangs call 'civilians,' just normal bikers. And they wanted to show force against each other, so they showed up in large groups,” Falco said.

He says the gang war isn't over, “Now The Cossacks and Bandidos will be at war foreveruntil they no longer exist.”

Watch Below: Undercover Agent: Texas Gang Shootout is Worst Biker Violence in History