Dina Lohan Versus Matt Lauer on the Today Show

It was Dina Lohan versus Matt Lauer during a Today show interview about Dina's troubled daughter Lindsay Lohan. INSIDE EDITION asked Dina's ex-husband Michael Lohan to weigh in on the tense exchange.

There were tense moments as the Today show's Matt Lauer grilled Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina about her troubled daughter.

"Has there ever been a time in Lindsay's life where you have been seriously worried about her health and that she might die at a young age?" Lauer asked.

"Oh gosh, why would you say something as horrible as that?" said Dina.

Lauer pulled no punches during the live TV interview with Dina.

"You don't feel that any of the knocks against you, the 'party mom,' the 'stage mom,' are justified?" he asked.

But Dina got feisty too. She challenged Lauer over the number of times her daughter had been in rehab.

"This is the fourth time that she has been in rehab," said Lauer.

"No, actually not," argued Dina. She stated that Lindsay has only been in rehab twice.

Dina said that Lindsay will be moving back to New York when she gets out of rehab in California.

At the end of the interview Lauer asked Dina if Lindsay knew she was appearing on the show.

Dina said yes, and referring to the tense moments said, "Lindsay says hello. I don't know now, we'll see. I'll see if she likes you after this—no I'm kidding."

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd watched the interview with Lindsay's father, Michael Lohan.

"She didn't show Matt any respect and he was just trying to ask questions," Michael observed.

And Michael contradicts statements Dina made on the show. He told INSIDE EDITION, "Lindsay was in rehab four times, not two times."

Lindsay Lohan was released from jail early, serving only a small fraction of her sentence. Now it is reported she will likely get out of rehab early as well.