Watch this Woman Discover a Ferocious Momma Possum and Her Adorable Possum Babies in Her Closet

Tara McVicar discovered a ferocious possum living in her closet with a pack of adorable possum babies.

There's something in Tara McVicar's closet, and she doesn't know what it is!

All she knows is that there's a creature in that garbage bag.

It's a possum, and she's really angry! It nearly gave McVicar a heart attack.

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She recorded her dramatic encounter with the toothy intruder on a video on YouTube. Her own desperate reaction says it all!

In the video, she says, "Ahh! I see you! I hear you! That is a very terrifying sound! I don't know how to get him out!"

She also asked, "Why are you in a bag?"

The answer soon became obvious.

"Look! Baby possums!" she exclaimed in the video.

The possum had given birth to nine little ones in that bag. 

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McVicar tried to lure the possum and her babies into a basket, but that strategy failed.

Some of the babies were still in the bag, so she carried them to an outdoor hutch hoping that would lure the mother outside.

"Oh my gosh, I bet you she's looking for her babies!" McVicar said.

It worked! Momma possum left the house with the babies aboard, picked up her missing babies at the hutch, and took off for parts unknown.

McVicar told INSIDE EDITION, "I do miss her, she was a wonderful little guest."

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