See David Letterman's Influence on Late Night Hosts in These Strikingly Similar Bits

Before David Letterman retires from late night TV this week, we look back on how he paved the way for today's hosts.

David Letterman may be retiring but his genius is certain to live on.

You can actually see a lot of his comedic DNA in his late night rivals.

James Corden is getting raves as the new host of The Late Late Show, which follows Letterman on CBS.

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In one of his first shows, Corden was riding around Los Angeles with Jennifer Hudson. They were chatting and singing her order at a fast-food drive-in.

Letterman did the same thing way back in 1994 with Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Letterman made household names out of the people who worked on his show like Larry ‘Bud’ Melman and stage manager Biff Henderson.

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Even his mom became famous when she reported from the winter Olympics.

It's something Jimmy Kimmel's doing, too. Making guards and even his aunts, uncles, and cousins part of the show.

And like Letterman, on special occasions, Kimmel can get emotional, as he did when he paid a tearful farewell to his late Uncle Frank who really worked as a security guard for the show.

Jimmy Fallon paid tribute to Letterman on The Tonight Show.

He said, "This show and what late night has become is a result of him playing with the genre, and exploring and experimenting. Like everyone who watched him as a kid, will miss him." 

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