Cop Who Tried to Sue Starbucks Shows Picture of Crater in His Leg from Coffee Burn

Lt. Matt Kohr lost his lawsuit with Starbucks, but now he's sharing the real price he claims he paid for his coffee burn.

He's the cop who sued Starbucks when he got burned by a cup of coffee.

Lieutenant Matt Kohr lost his battle with the coffee chain and was widely ridiculed. He has even been compared to Kramer from Seinfeld.

In one episode, the goofball spilled coffee on himself and hired a flamboyant lawyer to sue.

But Matt Kohr says his lawsuit was no joke. He says people have not heard the whole truth about the coffee burn that he says cost him a year of his life until now.

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Kohr told INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney, "I felt like I was on fire, it was horrendous."

Lieutenant Kohr was served a cup of coffee in a Starbucks. But, when he went to drink it, he says the top popped off, the cup collapsed, and scalding hot coffee spilled all over his lap.

McInerney asked Kohr, "How much did it hurt?"

"It was terrible. It was excruciating," he said.

He says he rushed home where his wife, Melanie, tried to treat the burns.

She says, "I was floored. Absolutely floored. I was stunned. I even apologized to him for saying 'You'll be fine, you'll be fine' when he came home."

"Did you have any idea coffee could do that?" asked McInerney.

Kohr replied, "No."

The burns, they say, caused severe medical problems that forced Kohr to take a 9-month sick leave from the Raleigh Police Department in North Carolina.

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His wife, Melanie, told INSIDE EDITION, "That year was rough. It was the worst year. You see the person you love, your husband, just decline so quickly. It was hard."

With medical bills mounting, they decided to sue the coffee chain for $750,000.

Kohr explained, "We felt it was the right thing to make Starbucks accountable for what happened that day. So, I knew I was going to catch some heat from the media, and from people, but I was okay with that."

Following a four-day trial that caught national attention, the jury returned with the verdict finding in favor of Starbucks.

McInerney asked Matt Kohr, "When you heard the verdict, how did you react?"

He told INSIDE EDITION, "We were disappointed."

His burns have healed and Kohr says he's moving on.

As for those comparisons to Kramer, Kohr says, "It doesn't bother me. I mean, he's hilarious. I couldn't do anything but laugh."

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