Rescued Cow Loves the Affection of the People who Saved Him

Salvador a rescue cow in Chile is getting so much love from his new owners, he can hardly contain himself.

Salvador was rescued from a dairy farm in Chile by the Equality Sanctuary Interspecies, and now six months later, he's enjoying his life and loves the affection he receives from the caregivers who saved his life.

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It's amazing to see how much this cow loves being caressed after a rough start in life.

When Salvador was born at the dairy farm he was separated from his mom. According to the sanctuary’s story he was kept in squalid conditions until he was rescued by the NGO, Animal Libre.

Since he was brought to the Equality Sanctuary he began to flourish with bottle feedings, running around the farm, gaining weight and growing.

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Now, Salvador appears to be doing great and we think it's amazing seeing a cow enjoying the affection of humans.

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