911 Calls From Biker Attack on SUV Released - 'We Need Help! We Need An Ambulance!"

911 calls from the 2013 SUV attack by a biker gang have been released as the victims gave their courtroom testimony.

For the first time, the dramatic 911 calls from that family in the black SUV chased by enraged bikers on the West Side Highway in 2013.

You can hear the panicked driver Alexian Lien plead for help right before the bikers dragged him from the SUV and began punching and kicking him.

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A panicked Alexian said to 911, “West 178th street! Please help! Please help!”

Then his terrified wife, Rosalyn, screamed at the bikers that their two-old-daughter was in the back seat.

She was heard in the 911 call screaming, “We have a baby in the car! Stop! Oh my God, stop, we have a baby in the car! My God, we have a baby in the car!”

After the beating, her husband was left lying in the street, and she called 911 again, “My husband's bleeding all over the street. We need help! We need an ambulance!”

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Alexian and his wife left court in Lower Manhattan after her gripping testimony at the trial of two bikers charged with assault including one who's an NYPD undercover cop.

A photo shown in court is Alexian right after the attack, he had two black eyes and bruised hands and face.

Also shown for the first time, video of the damage done to the SUV showed its windows shattered and one tire punctured by a knife as the bikers swarmed around the terrified family.

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