Watch Stephen Curry's Adorable 2-Year-Old Daughter Steal the Show at NBA Postgame Interview

Stephen Curry's adorable daughter was spotted waving and peeking out from under a table during a postgame press conference.

Basketball superstar MVP Stephen Curry brought his little girl to his postgame press conference after his team, the Golden State Warriors, defeated the Houston Rockets, and she totally stow the show.

“I want to sit here. My foot is stuck!” she said at one point.

“You're too loud daddy, be quiet!” she scolded Curry.

She then dramatically yawned and started waving. It looks like she's practiced that move. Who's even listening to daddy?

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Curry puts his daughter down, but she quietly stole the scene, peeking out from under the table.

Not everyone was enthralled by the little visitor to the press room.

Several reporters covering the event are raising a storm of controversy today over the scene stealer.

One reporter, Brett Friedlander, from Star Sports News Online Tweeted: ”Steph Curry's kid is cute. That doesn't mean she should have been at presser. There are professionals on deadlines there [with] jobs to do, too.”

The tweet has since been deleted. 

ESPN's Brian Windhorst added to the fire, saying, “Kids should be banned from press conferences.”

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He said, "This is now happening in like every series, almost every game. Even though I know it is cute and it is great for social media, as a member of the media who wants to ask the players about the game, in a business setting, which is what that is, it is counterproductive." 

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