How Two Orphaned Foxes Became Friends

Two orphaned foxes didn't get off on the right start but after some help from Wildlife Aid, they are now friends.

When Wildlife Aid in the UK found an orphaned fox cub, it was important for them to connect him with another orphaned cub because they thrive when they are with other foxes.

Luckily, another local rescue had a young female that was only a few weeks old but their first meeting didn't go as planned. The two foxes began attacking each other straight away.

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One of the women from Wildlife Aid said, “I've never seen anything like this before, it was a very bad introduction, very bad.”

Wildlife Aid posted the story of the foxes on YouTube.

The organization created an inventive way to have the two cubs get to know each other while still in their own space. They placed them in two separate spaces with a window into each other’s cell. After 24 hours the two were re-introduced.

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They got along great and instantly became best friends!

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