David Letterman Signs Off

David Letterman signed off after 33 years on television and the late night legend went out on his own terms.

David Letterman didn't want much fanfare after he signed off as host of the Late Show, the TV icon snuck out of his theater after his touching final show.

Fans and photographers were lined up outside The Ed Sullivan Theater, hoping to catch a glimpse of the late night legend, but the fiercely private Letterman found a secret way out.

He sneaked out of the theater through Angelo’s Pizza, which is right next door. He even used a fake limousine as a decoy for his low key exit. Then, he walked to his star-studded after-party a few blocks away at the Museum Of Modern Art.

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A photographer snapped a shot of him in a typically eccentric outfit. He wore a Foo Fighters T-shirt; his favorite band was his final musical guest.

It was a galaxy of stars who took the stage for one last “Top Ten” list. Stars like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Peyton Manning, Chris Rock, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Walters, Steve Martin, and Bill Murray read a joke about Letterman. 

As Letterman thanked Murray, you could hear him ask about that incident from the night before when Murray fell out of his chair on live TV after a night of drinking!

Everyone headed to the after-party at MoMA.

Jim Carrey ushered his girlfriend to their car and then returned to pose for the photogs. Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, is due with their second baby any day now. They brought their adorable daughter Carmen along to the last show.

Letterman himself didn't stay long at the after-party. He said he was eager to get home to his wife Regina and son, Harry.

Handsome 11-year-old Harry squirmed bashfully in his chair as his dad pointed him out in the audience. He cracked a smile when dad held up his end of a deal made before the show.

Letterman joked, “Harry asked me to thank his friend, Tommy!”

In typical Letterman fashion, there was plenty of self-deprecation and sarcasm for his final show.

One joke he made was, "It’s looking like I’m not going to get The Tonight Show."

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He also looked back at his favorite moments and took parting shots from four presidents.

Jimmy Kimmel has such respect for Letterman. He ran a rerun on Wednesday so as not to distract from the farewell.

At 11:35pm Eastern Standard Time, Conan O’Brien urged his audience at home to “Turn to Dave!”

Letterman’s jam-packed show ran 17 minutes over. Staying true to himself to the end, he didn't tear up. He wanted to leave 'em laughing and he did.

The ratings were Lettermen’s highest in ten years, 13.76 million people tuned in.

Steve Battaglio of the L.A. Times told INSIDE EDITION, “He really stuck to who he is and what the audience has expected of him over the years. He was clearly moved, clearly a little emotional but it didn’t get sappy.”

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