Family Mansion Murder Suspect Identified Using DNA on Pizza Tracked to NYC Area

A Domino's pizza has been the main source of evidence to help identify the suspect in the horrific D.C. mansion murder.

A Domino’s pizza is now the key piece of evidence in the mass murder case that is shocking the nation.

Cops say DNA found on the pizza crust matches a suspect who they say ordered it to be delivered while he was coldly torturing and murdering a wealthy family and their housekeeper in a Washington, D.C., mansion before setting it on fire.

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A nationwide manhunt is now underway for 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint who has a long criminal rap sheet.

The NYPD and the U.S. Marshal's Service have tracked him to the New York City area. Police say he is considered to be armed and dangerous. 

Police searched his Maryland home overnight looking for clues in the murders of wealthy businessman Savvas Savopoulous, his wife, Amy, their 10-year-old son, Phillip, and their longtime housekeeper.

Phillip, who loved go-karting, was reportedly tortured with a knife before being set on fire.

The bodies of the adults were found in a separate bedroom in the mansion. They'd been doused with gasoline and stabbed.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked former FBI profiler Pat Brown, "What does it tell you about the pathology of this killer, that he actually ordered a pizza to the place where he was terrorizing these people?"

She replied, "The fact that he could kill four people in such cold blood, hang around for the entire night, order pizza, goes to show me the simple fact that he is comfortable with crime and he has no remorse about anything he does." 

Wint may be carrying $40,000 in cash that cops say an assistant of the slain businessman dropped off at the mansion.

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A Porsche owned by the family was found near the suspect's house after it was set on fire.

A relative of the most wanted man in America spoke in a phone call with ABC News, saying, "He's very hostile, he's arrogant. He doesn't listen." 

The suspect is believed to have taken the family hostage last Wednesday.

Here's the timeline that followed:

9 p.m.: The Domino’s pizza is delivered to the mansion on Embassy Row, not far from Vice President Biden's official residence. The order requested that the pizza box be left on the doorsteps.

7 a.m.: the next day: The doomed businessman begins a flurry of phone calls to his bank and office asking for the $40,000 in cash to be delivered to the house.

1:15 p.m.: The mansion is reported on fire. Firefighters are shocked to discover the four bodies of the family and their housekeeper.

Pat Brown told INSIDE EDITION, "He is sadistic. He is psychopathic as heck. When you have a sadistic psychopath on the run that makes him an extremely, extremely dangerous person." 

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