Watch MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski Try to Say 'Isis' with New Braces on Teeth

Over 1 million adults have braces, but there is a down side.

If you watched MSNBC's Morning Joe reporter, Mika Brzezinski, you would understand why co-anchor Joe Scarborough couldn't stop laughing this morning.

Mika asked Joe on the show, "What's so funny?"

He responded, "You can't say ISIS!"

"I can! Ishish!" she exclaimed.

Joe said, "You're going to have to explain to everybody."

"I got braces," Mika revealed.

What's happened to her once-perfect diction? At age 48, she just got her first set of braces on her teeth, and she's not alone!

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More than one million American adults are now wearing braces. There's a reason for that.

New York City orthodontist Dr. Diane Hanan told INSIDE EDITION, "There is a surge with adults getting braces. Adults are getting more health-conscious and when you've got crooked teeth you have more bacteria in your mouth which can lead to health issues such as heart disease."

Gwen Stefani wore braces at age 30. Tom Cruise had them at 40. Faith Hill was 45 when she wore braces.

Adult braces can affect your speaking voice as seen in one hilarious rant by Eric Stonestreet on last night's Modern Family.

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In the end, all you can do is laugh about it knowing one day the braces will come off.

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