They Got Him! Suspect in Mansion Murder Arrested By U.S. Marshals

The main suspect in the brutal murder of a Washington, D.C. family has been nabbed by U.S. Marshals in Maryland.

INSIDE EDITION is learning dramatic new details about the arrest of the suspect in the cold-blooded torture murders of a wealthy family and their housekeeper.

An army of U.S. Marshals swooped down on a white Chevy Cruze around 11 p.m. Thursday at an intersection in Northeast Washington, D.C.

Inside the car was the most wanted man in America -- 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint along with a man and two women. Following the car was a box truck and two other men who were also taken into custody.

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Inside the truck was $10,000 in cash. Wint's brother is reportedly one of the suspects arrested.

It turns out Wint was in Brooklyn on Wednesday night but he left just minutes before cops arrived.

He was tracked to a Howard Johnson’s motel in College Park, Maryland.

Over 20 U.S. Marshals pinned the car and truck at the intersection and arrested Wint and the others without a shot.

With the manhunt now over, the family of wealthy businessman Savvas Savopoulous, who was murdered with his wife, Amy, and their 10-year-old son, Phillip, and their longtime housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa says in a statement: "While it does not abate our pain, we hope that it begins to restore a sense of calm and security to our neighborhood and to our city. We're blessed to live in a community comprised of close circles of friends who supported us and grieve with us."

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A Domino’s pizza box was found at the family's mansion after it was set on fire and cops say DNA found on the pizza crust matches Wint's.

Wint's lawyer Robin Ficker, who represented him in the past, is coming to his defense.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "I think they are looking for the wrong guy. They should be looking for someone else instead of holding press conferences, find out who really did it." 

He has a long criminal rap sheet in 2005, his own father obtained an order of protection and said in a court complaint that Wint "stood in the street in front of the house and continued to threaten me and my wife."

In 2010, he was arrested with "a two-foot-long machete in his backpack and a pellet gun" near American Iron Works, where he was working as a welder. The company is owned by Saavas Savopoulous who was slaughtered with his family and housekeeper in the crime shocking the nation.

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