Listen: Daughter Makes Frantic 911 Call After Mom Falls off Cliff

A family was trying to take the perfect photo at the edge of a mountain – and then something horrific happened.

It was a harrowing 911 call from a distraught teen after her mom fell off a cliff as they were taking a family picture.

In the 911 call she said, “I don’t want her to die!”

Stephanie Anderson, a Sunday school teacher, was hiking with her husband and daughter on Crowders Mountain in North Carolina.

Her daughter said in the 911 call, “We were taking a photo and my dad he accidently pushed her off.”

The summit, known as King's Pinnacle, is breathtaking. It is a popular spot for pictures but it can be treacherous.

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The 911 dispatcher asked, “Do you know what caused the fall? Why she fell?”

“I saw her taking a picture a few seconds before she fell,” Stephanie's daughter said. 

This holiday weekend, parks across the nation will be packed with hikers and everyone wants a great photo for Facebook or Twitter.

But be warned that cliffside selfie could be your last!

Jim Stewart was hiking right at the edge of Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon when he stopped to take a picture of a sign.

He said, “I stepped back and next thing you know I was over the edge. I stepped back and tripped."

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The canyon is 200 feet deep! Death would have been instant but he got lucky and came to a stop on narrow ledge just inches from disaster.

“I looked down it was a couple of hundred feet and I looked over and said, ‘God, I guess you didn't want me this time.’”

Ken Lowe is a ranger in the Santa Monica Mountains National Park outside Los Angeles. He warns that the soil and rocks at the edge of cliffs are often loose.

He said, “Use common sense when taking photos near cliffs. We want to make sure we stand five feet back, zoom in as much as we want, take the shot and I won’t get hurt.”

It's a lesson that family in North Carolina learned too late. When rescuers reached Stephanie Anderson she was already dead from the 150 foot fall.

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