Listen to the Wendy's Drive-Thru Operator with the Golden Voice

Josh Lewis is turning heads while taking orders at a Wendy's drive-thru in Florida thanks to his remarkable voice.

Josh Lewis might truly have one of the best voices you'll ever hear from the speaker of a drive-thru.

While working at a Wendy’s in Florida, he uses a movie trailer-esque voice when taking people's orders and speaking with customers. 

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The voice comes as a surprise to most customers but they all seem to love what they are hearing and are more enthusiastic about their order thanks to his entertaining and positive voice.

He does hope to one day make a career out of his voice and even though it's not part of the corporate protocol. The district manager for Wendy’s told that the 27-year-old makes customers happy and has a great personality.

Lewis told News Press, “I think the bigger reward is definitely the people being happy. It is always good to make a difference in somebody’s day, even if it is just a second or two.”

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Josh Lewis has a lot of talent and voicing over movie trailers could be in his future!

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