Watch This Best Man Star In An Action Movie To Find His Wedding Speech

One best man went to great lengths to find his words for his wedding speech.

Serving as the best man, Ciaran wanted to do something special for his wedding toast but when he pretended to forget his speech, everyone at the Northern Ireland reception was shocked when they saw his heroics in an action sequence.

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Ciaran created an action packed movie that was also really funny.

While on the hunt for his words to read to the bride and groom, he goes through a series of moments that action hero stars like Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis would envy.

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In the video, when finally got home to his speech, he needed to freshen up thanks to all of the adventures before quickly racing back to the wedding.

Daryl from Kardar Productions who created the film tells INSIDE EDITION that it took them over 60 hours to create the movie and bride and groom were very excited that their best man took so much time to create a memorable speech for their big day.

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