Woman in Duggars' Church Tried to Warn of Josh's Behavior 8 Years Ago

As far back as 2007, a woman claiming to be a member of the Duggars' church alleged Josh was molesting children.

Was it an open secret that Josh Duggar had molested underage girls?

Long before the scandal erupted, there were troubling comments on the Internet aimed at Josh Duggar and his parents.

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Eight years ago, a woman who attended church with the Duggars wrote: "Let me tell you something about the precious Duggars that you don't know."

She went on to detail Josh Duggar's history with young girls and claimed his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, "have lied and lied about their son to protect him."

With the scandal showing no signs of letting up, food giant General Mills announced that it has pulled advertising from 19 Kids and Counting.

The Duggars are keeping a low profile for the time being and pulled out of a TLC summer block party in Philadelphia scheduled for this weekend.

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One photo started the Duggar phenomenon in 2002. It showed Jim Bob, Michelle, and their kids - there were 13 back then, heading to the voting booth when he ran for a U.S. Senate seat from Arkansas.

A TV executive saw the photo and realized the family could be the next big stars in reality TV.

The Duggars belong to a Christian sect known as "Quiver Full," which believes families should have as many children as possible.

Vyckie Garrison used to be in Quiver Full but left in 2008.She says she's not surprised by claims that the Duggars initially tried to deal with Josh's issues inside the church.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "Law enforcement does not quite get on their radar because they're talking about, 'This is a spiritual issue, this is a character issue,' and so what they're going to look at what they need to do to get their hearts right with God."

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