Dog Surprises Owner on Train After He Escaped Using a Trampoline

One dog owner got the shock of his life when his Collie-Labrador joined him on his train ride to work.

Thirty-four-year-old Thomas McCormack was shocked when his pup, Paddy, surprisingly sat down next to him on his train ride to work!

Thomas showed SWNS how his four-year-old Collie-Labrador escaped from his home in Scotland.

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Paddy used a kid’s trampoline to jump over a six-foot high fence and follow the scent of Thomas through the streets and boarded the same train car, he then had his canine companion join him for a day on the job.

He told SWNS, “I was surprised when he sat down next to me. My neighbor told me yesterday that she saw him jumping on the trampoline and escaped from his kennel and he's been bouncing on the trampoline.”

Thomas thinks that Paddy has made that same journey other times in the past but hasn't quite caught up to him on the train.

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This dog is incredibly smart and resourceful and we sure hope they will move that trampoline now!

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