Man Catches Record Breaking 500 Pound Grouper from a Kayak!

One Florida fisherman got the surprise of his life when he was in a kayak and caught the largest grouper recorded.

Jonathan Black, owner of the Crazy Lure Bait and Tackle shop in Cape Coral, Florida, had quite an adventure when he attempted to catch a grouper weighing over 500 pounds while in a kayak!

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In video recorded by Captain Ben Chancey from Chew on This Charters and Goliath Grouper Fishing Trips, Black can be seen struggling with the grouper and he even broke the rod!

After that he managed to lead it to shore where it was measured to be 83 inches long with a 73 inch girth and weighing in at about 552 pounds. Even though he was thrilled with his catch, the fish was then released back in the wild as it's a protected species.

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According to Black’s Facebook page, fishing for a goliath grouper has not been done from a kayak before and is very dangerous. It's reportedly the largest bottom fish ever caught from a kayak.

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