These Three Celebrities Are in More Commercials Than Anyone Else

Plenty of celebrities do commercials, but these three do more than anyone else.

If you think Sofia Vergara does a lot of commercials, you're right!

She pushes Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo, Kmart, and of course, Pepsi.

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There’s a good reason she gets a lot of air time. She’s one of the top celebrity endorsers, according to a new report

AdWeek Senior Editor Emma Bazilian told INSIDE EDITION, "Celebrities are so good at pitching products because people feel like they really know them through their work." 

Nielsen ranked several factors, including likeability, public awareness, and influence.

Vergara is ranked number three in the Nielsen rankings. Actor Pierce Brosnan, who sells KIA cars, is number two.

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Guess who's the number one celebrity pitchman? It’s Liam Neeson who pitches the video game Clash Of Clans.

Bazilian said, "The market is not saturated with Liam Neeson ads, so we feel when he is doing an ad there is a very specific reason he is doing that ad and that speaks well for the brand." 

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