Bill Klein from 'The Little Couple:' I Climbed on Ledge, Contemplated Suicide

Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein from 'The Little Couple' open up about some of the darkest moments of their life.

They're the stars of the hit TLC show, The Little Couple and INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander just had to ask Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein, “How has the TV show changed your lives?"

Bill joked and said, “Amazing! We have Ferraris! Chateaus!"

There are plenty of laughs in their inspirational new book, Life Is Short, but you won't believe the dark times Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold lived through to find the happiness they now share with their two children.

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Alexander asked, "Bill, is it true that at one point you actually walked out on a ledge, contemplating suicide?"

He said, "I had a tough time in college. My depression drove me to the brink of climbing out on the ledge to my dormitory, looking down at the street and contemplating taking a jump. Ultimately, I’m thankful I came back in because in that fleeting moment I could have lost out on everything."

Bill and Jennifer met through an online dating website and were married in 2008, hoping to start a family. A series of miscarriages left Jennifer, who is an M.D., heartbroken.

Alexander asked her, "How did you get through that pain?"

She said, "It was really hard. The goal was to become parents. We sort of knew we wouldn't stop until we got to that goal."

They did it by adopting two children, Will and Zoey, both of whom have dwarfism. 

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Bill said, "Will was pretty smooth adoption, we went to China, two-and-a-half weeks later we had a little boy. Six months later, we were on a plane to India to get our daughter!"

Smooth sailing? Not quite. Jennifer was diagnosed with cancer on her uterine wall.

She said, "You just sore of think ‘Whoa! Really? Now? Right now?’"

Happily, she's now cancer free and shares these words to live by, "You should never give up!"

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