Couple Gets Married By 6 Puppets in Hilarious Ceremony

One couple didn't want a traditional wedding ceremony, so, they opted to have their big day officiated by puppets.

Actors, writers, and filmmakers Joe Gold and Tammy Caplan surprised everyone at their wedding ceremony when it was officiated by six different hysterical puppets.

They had a rabbi puppet, a captain puppet, a puppet named “Judge Trudy,” and even a wedding crasher.

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The couple told INSIDE EDITION that after they wrote the ceremony, they worked with the L.A. Puppet School to build each of the dolls.

Puppeteers were auditioned to play each of the characters and they even had a table read of the script before the big day

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Tammy told INSIDE EDITION, “We thought it would be more fun if it was a surprise. We also were afraid that if we shared it with our parents and family, they might try to talk us out of it, or they might be afraid that it might offend more traditional guests. We also wanted to avoid having too many cooks. So we tried to keep it a secret from as many people as possible. Even our parents and the wedding party didn't know until the day before. They kept asking us, ‘Who's the officiant?’ and we said, ‘It's a secret.’ We were a little nervous they wouldn't like the idea but they loved it.”

The couple posted their wedding stunt on YouTube and photos of their special day were taken by Robert Orsa Photography.

During the reception, guests were able to make their own puppets and at the end of the party they had a big puppet dance with everyone and their newly made creations.

Tammy said, “Sometimes wedding ceremonies can be somber affairs but we feel that weddings should be happy, full of laughter, and celebrate love. The guests had so much fun which was exactly what we wanted!”

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