Paula Jones on Hillary Clinton Presidency: Who Would Want Bill in Office Philandering with Women Again?

Paula Jones doesn't want Hillary Clinton to run for president and she certainly doesn't want Bill back in the White House.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are being blasted by a ghost from the past.

Paula Jones, the woman who sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, is speaking out and it's pretty clear she has no love for Hillary. Paula Jones spoke exclusively to

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In Jones' exclusive interview with, she said, “I don't believe she should be running. Who would want Bill Clinton in office a second time doing the same stuff he was doing before, philandering with women?”

Candace Trunzo, Senior News Editor of Daily Mail told INSIDE EDITION, "Paula does not feel that Bill belongs in The White House because of his past misdeeds. She feels that Hillary does not belong in The White House because she has covered up for her husband." 

Jones claimed Bill Clinton exposed himself to her in a Little Rock hotel room when he was Governor of Arkansas in 1991.

She sat down for a memorable interview with Deborah shortly after the settlement.

Norville asked her, “Why would Bill Clinton care about you?”

Jones stormed out of the interview and said, “I don't appreciate that! That was so rude!”

Her lawsuit triggered the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The Clintons ultimately settled with Jones and she went back to her quiet life as a stay at home mom but she does not forgive or forget.

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Paula Jones will not be voting for Hillary.

She told, “I don't understand how she has the balls to think she can get away with doing it with all the scandal and stuff that has been behind their name, the Clintons. I don't understand how she can even think she has a chance."

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