Stephen Curry's Daughter Steals the Show Again at NBA Postgame Interview

Despite her dad going to the NBA finals for the first time, Stephen Curry's daughter was the highlight of the postgame interview.

Little Riley Curry, the adorable daughter of NBA superstar Stephen Curry stole the show again at a post-game press conference last night.

After he dad’s team, Golden State Warriors, won the Western Conference Finals for the first time in 40 years and booked a ticket to the NBA finals to play the Cleveland Cavilers, he spoke to the press and brought Riley along. 

Read: Stephen Curry's Daughter Steals the Show at Press Conference

This time it started with a big yawn from the two-year-old.

Then, Riley mugged for the cameras as her patient dad tried to answer questions from the media.

The precocious tot also interrupted her dad and said, “Da da, help me.”

Perhaps feeling ignored, she then grabs the mic.

Finally, dad had enough and said, “I’m going to let her go.”

That wasn't the end of Riley’s hi jinx.

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She went behind the black curtain of the stage and became an instant scene stealer. The reporters in the front row whipped out their cameras to get some shots.

Her famous dad summed it up, “She's way too comfortable!”

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