Are Drones the Lifeguards of the Future?

While some find drones to be a nuisance, one man found a way to make them a life saving device.

Drones have been vilified. They can slam into people out of nowhere. But could a drone save you from drowning?

It’s true; the drone could be the lifeguard of the future.

Bill Piedra has invented an inflatable life preserver attached to the bottom of a drone. The drone goes airborne, and releases the life preserver over a swimmer in trouble. When it hits the water, the preserver automatically inflates.

He told INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian, "Once I started flying them, I realized the potential they have." 

Fabian said, “You've designed this to work in tandem with the lifeguards.”

“Absolutely. The whole idea is to deliver flotation to someone who needs it in advance to professionals getting there,” he replied.

Fabian decided to put it to the test on The Jersey Shore.

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Fabian said, “Can a drone help in a water rescue? If someone needs to be rescued in the water, every second is crucial and drones can get to a victim a lot fast than a lifeguard."

The drone zips along at 30 miles an hour, roughly ten times faster than a lifeguard can swim.

Piedra operates it from the beach. He piloted it straight for Fabian who was in the water.

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The lifeguards Fabian spoke to in Spring Lake, New Jersey, think the drone could be a real useful tool for them.

Janet Carbin said, “If they can secure a victim faster than a lifeguard can get to them, those seconds are critical if somebody is going to be submerged.”

So, if you ever find yourself in trouble in the water, the buzzing sound of a drone might be just the noise you want to hear.

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