Man Proposes to Girlfriend in the Middle of Another Wedding

This picture of a man proposing to his girlfriend during someone else's wedding reception has set the internet ablaze.

Talk about a wedding crasher.

It looked like a sweet moment, as it was a marriage proposal with a guy down on bended knee, engagement ring in hand, and the bride-to-be was blushing.

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In a closer look at the photo, the bride can be seen behind them. The proposal happened right in the middle of a wedding reception! 

The picture went viral after it was posted to Reddit. It's already gotten 1.5 million views and just about as many negative comments.

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But before you join the chorus of haters we've done a little investigating and learned that all is not what it seems.

The woman being proposed to is named Megan, and the bride can't possibly be upset because she's Megan’s sister!

Megan was the Maid of Honor and the guy asking for her hand in marriage was the Best Man. Megan says the whole thing was her sister Shelby’s idea.

"Everyone in the Reddit picture knew the proposal was going to happen except for me," she said.

So now you know the real story.

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