MIT's Robotic Cheetah Makes History Jumping Obstacles While Running

MIT's robotic cheetah has the ability to see and jump while running.

MIT’s robotic cheetah has some incredible developments since it first debuted in 2014. It’s now making history as the first four-legged robot to jump over obstacles autonomously.

Scientist have given it advancement to closely mimic the jumping action of the animal.

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The MIT Biometrics Robotics Lab gave the robotic animal the ability to see and jump over the hurdles as it runs. Researches created a real time algorithm that uses a laser distance sensor to perceive the environment and distance of the hurdle.

Video of the MIT Cheetah was first released in September and Mechanical Engineer and Professor, Sangbae Kim, explained how the robot can be used in the future.

He said, “We can create a prosthetic legs out of that technology or even make a new transportation to replacing cars so you don’t need a road in our world.”

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We think this robotic cheetah is remarkable!

Watch the video below to see how robots are easing children’s fear at the doctor’s office.