High School Students Can Spend Up to $1,000 on a Yearbook Photo

For years a yearbook photo was always something students dreaded but not anymore, it's becoming a booming business.

For years a yearbook photo was always something students dreaded but not anymore, it’s becoming a booming business.

High school senios go all out on yearbook photo shoots. Elizabeth Holmes of the Wall Street Journal says seniors are sparing no expense.

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"It's been totally amped up. These are now elaborate photo shoots with hair and makeup that can cost parents up to thousands of dollars," said Holmes. "These girls see it as a chance to be a model."

Outside Chicago, 18-year-old Lauren Brouwers got ready for her photoshoot. Lauren's getting makeup, eyelashes and even hair extensions. Her mom stands by, holding her outfits. She's her photographer.

It’s become a booming business for photographers like Suzie Moore. She charges anywhere from $600 to $2,200 and Lauren's mom, Tricia isn't sheading a tear over the cost. She's so thrilled she's even helping out.

"Time goes by so fast, anything I can do to capture it is really what's important to us," said Tricia. 

Most of Moore's clients are girls. Rachel Collins showed off her personality in her photo shoot.

"I have a lot of different sides to my personality and it really showed," said Collins.

But Grant Lewis, a college-bound business major loved the suit and tie look. 

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Everyone watched as Lauren posed in fairytale formal wear. I have a bubbly personality. I feel the pictures represent the real me," said Lauren. 

Originally broadcasted May 2014.

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