Woman Plans Elaborate Surprise Proposal That Will Melt Your Heart

Absolut vodka made one woman's dream proposal come true by helping her girlfriend set up surprises to give her the ring.

Amanda thought that Absolut Vodka was making a documentary about love in the LGBT community but really her girlfriend, Paige, was working with the vodka company to plan a touching proposal.

Paige said, “I’ve been planning this surprise for two years now, not at this magnitude but definitely the proposal.”

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The crew tricked Amanda into going to the beach first where her surprise began. She went step by step to different umbrellas finding the clues that were all planned out about their relationship and Absolut even flew in her friends and family.

All of the surprises eventually led Amanda to Paige, who got down on one knee and propose to her love.

The company even brought out their favorite band to celebrate the occasion on the beach.

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Absolut has been supporting people who express their true selves for over 30 years. Their #loveislove campaign is showing their continued support of the LGBT community.

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