Your Bridesmaids Can Save Thousands of Dollars with This Simple Trick

Corie Hardee has created a business that will change the way bridesmaids look at their friends' weddings.

Who can forget Katherine Heigl getting stuck with all those hideous bridesmaids dresses in the movie 27 Dresses?

Now, there's finally a solution to avoid ending up with a closet full of bridesmaid dresses. 

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Manhattan entrepreneur Corie Hardee created Union Station, a company that manufactures its own line of bridesmaid's dresses you can rent for just $50-a-day.

Hardee said, “I thought to myself, ‘Men can rent tuxedo's why can't women rent bridesmaids dresses?’”

She offers 10 basic styles in a variety of colors that she says fit most women with no alterations.

“Some are bustier. Some athletic. We tried to get every shape of women into our design process,” she said.

Sarah Kapodice is getting married in September and thinks renting a dress is the way to go and her bridesmaids couldn't agree more.

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The dresses are delivered two weeks before the big day and for added convenience, they even come with return packaging.

Corie says business has quadrupled in just three years. As for this bride to be - she's sold on renting!

“I think they look beautiful,” said Kapodice.

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