Former High School Wrestler Coached By Dennis Hastert Speaks Out on Sexual Misconduct Allegations

A former high school wrestler coached by Dennis Hastert speaks out on their years together and the new allegations against the former Speaker of the House.

The hometown of embattled former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is rallying behind him.

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Hastert was the high school wrestling coach in tiny Yorkville, Illinois. Now, the town is stunned by allegations that he paid hush money to cover up sexual misconduct with a male student there.

Gary Matlock was a wrestler on Hastert’s team. He went on to become a coach himself.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “I can describe Mr. Hastert in three words: dedicated, hardworking, respected.”

He says he never heard of inappropriate behavior involving Hastert.

He added, “If anything this dramatic had happened it would have been known. Teenagers talk,” he said.

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But an awkward moment on C-Span involving Hastert last year is being seen today as a telling sign of the scandal to come!

A man called into the program and said, “Hello Denny!”

Hastert replied, “Hello! How are you doing?”

The mystery man said, “Pretty good, remember me from Yorkville?”

The host of the show asked, “What is your question?” and the caller laughed.

Who was the mystery caller who identified himself as "Bruce," and did he know about the allegations of sexual misconduct?

Wheaton College, which Hastert attended, is stripping his name from The Hastert Center For Economics, Government, and Public Policy. But, Yorkville is standing by its hometown hero.

Matlock said, “I am proud to say I had the opportunity to know the gentleman for 45 years, come what may!”

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