Enrique Iglesias Bloodied by Drone in Tijuana

Doctors evaluate Enrique Iglesias' drone injury from his concert in Mexico.

They say the show must go on, but never like this!

Enrique Iglesias' fingers were bloodied after being sliced by a drone. He bravely carried on with his concert.

Blood was everywhere as he soldiered on, but did he risk everything by continuing the show?

We showed the tape to St. Barnabas Hospital emergency room doctor Ernest Patti. He told INSIDE EDITION, "When you see somebody who has an injury that is bleeding extensively, or that is in serious pain, or has an inability to perform he or she should definitely stop what they're doing and have the wound addressed."

The accident happened during a performance in Tijuana, Mexico, in front of 12,000 fans. During the concert, he captured a remote controlled drone shooting video of the show. The moment he grabbed it he suddenly jerked his hand back after the rotor, or propeller, cut him badly. He looked startled and slowly he made his way back stage.

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In a video, Iglesias could be heard saying "I feel numb," backstage.

Dr. Patti added, "If Mr. Iglesias was complaining of numbness in his injury it's quite possible that he had some nerve damage."

Ten or fifteen minutes later he returned to the show on stage and acted as if nothing happened. He even drew a heart on his t-shirt out of blood.

An ambulance rushed Iglesias to the airport and he flew to Los Angeles.

INSIDE EDITION went to AeroCine and spoke to Brian Streem, co-founder and CEO of AeroCine which uses drones in video production, the same model Iglesias was using, and we got a demonstration of just how sharp the propellers are.

Streem told INSIDE EDITION, "He got nicked by one of the rotors."

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Maybe there are times when the show doesn't have to go on. 

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