Mila Kunis' Stalker Escapes Mental Institution, Still on the Loose

Mila testified, 'He looked like he might eat me,' during the stalker's trial.

It's a nightmare for Mila Kunis - her crazed stalker is on the loose!

Stuart Dunn just escaped from a mental facility. He has twice been convicted of stalking Kunis.

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He was confined to the Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center in Pomona, California. The facility is surrounded by a 10-foot chain-link fence tilted inwards. Somehow, Dunn managed to escape, avoiding security, and ran away under cover of darkness.

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Law enforcement across Los Angeles are now desperately searching for Dunn who is considered seriously disturbed.

Kunis, hubby Ashton Kutcher, and their baby girl, Wyatt, have been officially notified and are on high alert.

Lou Palumbo, a security expert, told INSIDE EDITION, "The probability and the logic and the reason lends itself to the fact that if he has stalked her before, he will continue to stalk her. I would think she might be his first stop."

At his trial last year, Kunis testified she was terrified of the homeless stalker with "crazy eyes." She said he was like a "cannibal" and "he looked like he might eat me!"

Dunn was arrested after waiting for her outside her gym. He even broke into her old apartment and lived there for three months while she was out of town filming!

Now, this disturbed stalker is back on the streets and Kunis is living in fear.

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