Seniors Perform Awesome Song and Dance Mashup During Graduation Ceremony

Instead of a traditional graduation ceremony, students at one Hawaii high school opted to make it a song and dance routine.

During the Kahuku High School graduation in Oahu, Hawaii, the senior class didn't have a typical ceremony. They performed an over-the-top song and dance routine to some of everyone's favorite classics but changed the lyrics to be about graduation.

They performed songs like Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s hit “Uptown Funk,” Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again,” Jackson 5’s “ABC,” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

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According to the description written on the video, the seniors learned the incredible routine in just two days. They used the contrasting colors of their graduation robes to enhance the performance.

Students also performed a traditional 'Haka' war dance from the Maori people of New Zealand which has been adapted by the school as their signature dance.

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This was certainly a unique graduation and looks like it was tons of fun!

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