American Tourist Mauled by Lion May Have Been Safe if She Followed The Rules

Authorities investigating the death of an American woman at a lion park believe one step could have helped save her life.

Did the American tourist that was mauled by a lion on safari die because she broke the rules?

That's what authorities are saying today as more details on her gruesome death emerge.

The 22-year-old woman was driving through a lion park north of Johannesburg, South Africa, hoping for a close encounter with the "King of the Jungle" but she ignored the warning signs that said “Keep Your Windows Closed.”

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In one video, a family from Idaho got the shock of their lives when they heeded the warnings, but who knew lions could open doors at another park. 

World renowned wildlife expert Jack Hanna told INSIDE EDITION, "You go to these parks, these parks have rules and they are very simple. You don't open your door. You don't open your window. You follow the rules! I have been on safari where people don't follow the rules. They still want that better picture - 'Got to get that better picture, let's get closer to that lion. Let's get real close like 10 yards close.' You don't want to get that close picture because it may be your last picture." 

In another video, kids leaned out their window to film a fully grown lion with an iPad. The lion seemed pretty docile when he was laying down until he stood up and did not look happy. 

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The famous Kruger National Park, the largest wildlife reserve in South Africa, posted a video online calling out "Park Idiots!"

Countless examples of tourists tempt fate by hanging out their windows to get close to the lions and even getting out of their cars.

The park where the young American died is called Lion Park. No question it is a thrilling experience as long as you keep your windows closed and your doors locked. 

The tour guide who was with the victim received severe wounds for attempting to pry her free from the lioness. 

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