Watch These Bystanders Miraculously Save a 4-Year-Old Stuck Under a Car

A car in Brooklyn hopped a curb, crashed into a tree, and pinned a 4-year-old under it. What bystanders did next is amazing.

There is extraordinary surveillance video of a four-year-old boy run over by a car that came out of nowhere.

In slow motion, the boy can be seen playing with a toy just as the car jumps a curb, hit a tree, and trapped him under its wheels.

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The child's frantic mother ran to help him, followed closely by a group of Good Samaritans who actually try to lift the car off the boy.

The terrifying accident happened outside a grocery store in Brooklyn. After the impact, the bystanders gathered together as a united force to lift the car.

One bystander told INSIDE EDITION, "The whole community got together and they attempted to lift the car off of this child."

It's just the latest example of Good Samaritans rushing in to save the day.

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Now, comes the kid from Brooklyn and the neighbors who came to save him. Miraculously, little Oscar Chen only suffered a few scratches and his mom is giving thanks to the people who came to save him.

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