Soldier Shocks Mom with Surprise Return from Afghanistan

This mom was shocked when her son surprised her and came home from Afghanistan early.

U.S. Army soldier Austin Arledge was supposed to return from Afghanistan in August but decided to arrive early and keep it a surprise from his mom.

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Austin snuck around from a neighbor’s house and ducked on the side of the house waiting for his mom to come outside.

Someone ran into the house and asked her to come outside and she was shocked beyond belief to see her son standing there and immediately began crying and screaming.

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“Oh my God! Oh my God!,” she exclaims and she holds on to him tight in a touching hug and doesn’t want to let him go. She continues, “How did you do that? I thought you weren’t coming home ‘til August?”

This heartwarming reunion is something we are sure this mother will never forget! 

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