Watch This Navy Commander Surprise His Son at Graduation

After being deployed in South Africa for a year, U.S. Navy Commander Steve Murdoch returned home to surprise his son at his high school graduation.

U.S. Navy Commander Steve Murdoch has been deployed for the last year in South Africa and decided to surprise his son, Riley, during his Michigan high school graduation ceremony.

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The touching moment was Steve’s idea and WDIV-TV was there behind the scenes before the big moment.

He told WDIV, “I'm pretty excited, I’m nervous. It's hard peeking through the curtain and seeing him sing and hearing his voice.”

The Navy dad emailed the Romeo High School Principal Michael Kaufman beforehand to set it all up and only two people knew about the surprise leading up to the day.

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Kaufman kept it such a secret that he told WDIV, “We actually announced it to the Board of Education five minutes before we marched out.”

We're sure traveling 30 hours for that surprise was worth it for Steve and it's a moment that Riley will never forget!

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