Couple Gets Engaged While Shooting Explosive Action Movie

When one man wanted to propose to his girlfriend, he turned to his filmmaker brother for help and created an explosive engagement video.

Seth McCurry wanted to do something special to propose to his girlfriend, Cymber.

Seth's brother, Andrew, is a YouTube short action video filmmaker and Cymber has always wanted to appear in one of his films. Seth reached out to his brother to create a memorable action movie surprise proposal.

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Cymber thought they were just shooting a James Bond-style action scene and she was supposed to act like she was just getting up and turning around after being involved in a shootout. Seth was acting as the hero and she was his sidekick.

Yet, she became the star of the short film when she turned around and Seth proposed to her at the end of the video.

Andrew told INSIDE EDITION, "I told Cymber we were going to shoot a James Bond-style action scene. On the last take, I told Cymber to act like she was getting up, then to look back at Seth (who she thought was going to be injured on the ground after the helicopter crash). That was the initial setup for the whole thing. Cymber had no idea it was anything but a film shoot until Seth popped the question."

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Cymber told us, "I am absolutely overjoyed by everyone's reaction to the best day of my life. Seth and I met a few years ago through mutual friends and he got my phone number.  A YEAR later I received a text from an unknown number that said 'Why do you hate me?' Who knew that a few months later I would not only not 'hate' him, but that I would be indescribably head over heels in love with this man."

We wish these two the best of luck and congrats on their engagement!

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