Will Caitlyn Jenner Be the New Face of MAC Makeup? New Endorsements Could Earn $500 Million

Following her debut on Vanity Fair, Caitlyn Jenner could become the face of major brands perhaps including MAC cosmetics.

Caitlyn Jenner could end up the $500 million babe. That's what some marketing experts are saying following the blockbuster release of the Vanity Fair cover.

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Word has it that Caitlyn has been in top secret talks with MAC cosmetics to be the new face of the popular brand.

The brand is already known for edgy marketing. RuPaul was once featured in a successful viva glam MAC campaign. Could Caitlyn sell cosmetics too?

Jesse Oxfeld AD / Brand Editor at ADWeek told INSIDE EDITION, "MAC is sort of a forward thinking brand in those ways. They have had RuPaul affiliated with them and like to be thought of as a 'With It,' sophisticated sort of brand. This could be a really interesting move for a brand like that to take." 

Experts say Caitlyn could get seven figures for a book deal and six figures for motivational speeches.

And then there's the fashion world. Jenner is 6’2,” she reportedly wears a size 13 shoe. But she certainly pulled it off for that Vanity Fair layout.

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The question is -- could a top label snag Caitlyn to model its clothes?

And another big question remains -- how controversial would it be to see a transgendered woman front and center marketing makeup and clothes?

Oxfeld said, "It really does come down to what their brand positioning is. I think a brand that appeals to traditional, perhaps older women, would see this as a challenge. To a brand that is trying to attract a young, progressive, sophisticated audience, that could be a very helpful move." 

Could glamorous Caitlyn end up on a Wheaties box replacing the iconic Bruce Jenner image that first appeared 1977 after the Olympic decathlon victory. A spokesman for General Mills says: “Bruce Jenner has been a respected member of team Wheaties, and Caitlyn Jenner will continue to be."

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