Moms Say This Dentist Improperly Pulled Children's Teeth and Even Hit Them!

Mothers have confronted a dentist who they say unnecessarily pulled teeth from their children and mistreated their children.

A woman is captured on videotaped attacking an elderly man? It turns out he's her daughter's dentist and she's enraged by what she says Dr. Howard Schneider did to the child’s teeth.

And she’s not alone. Other furious parents have been picketing the dentist’s Jacksonville, Florida, office. All their kids were patients of Schneider.

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We asked parents to talk to us and dozens showed up for our interview! One by one, they told similar horror stories about what the dentist allegedly did to their kids.

“My son started crying,” said one mom in tears as she recalled her son saying, “‘Daddy, can you get this man off of me. He’s choking me.’”

Little six-year-old Briel Motley had a beautiful smile. But that was before visiting Dr. Schneider. Her mom says she brought Briel in to have one tooth extracted.

“When I got her to the car she took her gauze out and that's when I noticed that all of her teeth on the top and the bottom were removed,” the distraught mother said,

“How many teeth were removed?” INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero asked.

“It was eight all together,” said the mother.

In one case, a parent shot gut-wrenching cell phone video of her little boy screaming in pain as Dr. Schneider worked on him. The three-year-old boy was strapped into what is known as a papoose board.

His mother says her little boy, Zion Christopher, underwent an agonizing dental procedure by Dr. Schneider without anesthesia.

The video shows that the 78-year-old dentist has the youngster strapped down from his head to his ankle as she boy screams and kicks his legs in pain. Parents say this is nothing but torture!

As disturbing as the video is, it may only be the tip of the iceberg. More than 50 families now say Dr. Schneider abused their children. And many of them say they want the dentist behind bars.

Parents claim Schneider improperly used the papoose board instead-of-Novocain! New Mexico Dentist Dr. Michael Davis showed us how some dentists use it.

“They are put into basically a baby straight jacket,” he said. “It’s just unconscionable.”

Sound incredible? It's the same story with other children.

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One parent told Guerrero about her son’s ordeal, “We could hear him screaming from the waiting room. When they finally called us back he was strapped to the papoose board all alone. There was no one with him.”

Guerrero then asked a young boy, “What did Dr. Schneider say to you, Dominic?”

“Don't tell my mom,” he replied.

“He asked you not to tell your mother what he did to you?” Guerrero then asked. “But you did tell your mom. What did you tell her?”

“That he choked me,” the boy said.

When Lisa Guerrero tried to speak to Dr. Schneider as he was in his car, he covered his face and said, “Get out of here.”

Last week, Dr. Schneider voluntarily turned in his license to practice dentistry and shut down his office. Now he’s being investigated by the Jacksonville Sheriff for child abuse and the state Attorney General is looking into why he's collected nearly $4 million in Medicaid payments in the past five years. Dr. Schneider denies any wrongdoing. 

For now, all of these kids have to live without their teeth. Their beautiful smiles are only a memory now. No wonder these parents are fighting mad.

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