Couple Marries in Wettest Wedding Ever

When an epic rainstorm came down on a couple's wedding day, they took it in stride, walking ankle-deep in water on their big day.

It was their wedding day, and they couldn't be happier! But, there was a dark cloud on the horizon, and moments later a white wedding turned into a wet wedding for Max Santiago and his bride, Stephanie.

It maybe the wettest wedding of all time!

Stephanie told INSIDE EDITION, "It was a whole lot of rain! All at once, too!"

The bride and groom were up to their ankles in water caught in an epic rainstorm of biblical proportions in New York City!

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Lightning struck the Freedom Tower, water gushed down the steps at Prospect Park, and cars were caught in the floodwaters! Across the river in New Jersey, fish were literally swimming on the streets!

In the midst of this madness, the wedding party had to walk to the reception!

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian asked the honeymooning couple in Hawaii, "When it starts to come down, how did you react?"

Max responded, "We had a ton of umbrellas and we all started opening them. It works for the first few pictures, but when it started raining sideways, with the wind blowing, it was a little crazy!"

There was even a barefoot bridesmaid!

Stephanie added, "Our bridesmaids had to roll up their dresses. It was funny!"

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But, it wasn't so funny when the venue flooded and the fire department was called in to drain it!

Fabian asked, "When you dreamed of your wedding, did you ever think the FDNY would show up?"

Stephanie chuckled and said, "No, but I love it!"

"How were you able to take all this in stride?" asked Fabian.

"We were getting married! Who cared?" said Stephanie.

The lesson? You can soak the bride and groom, but nothing can dampen true love.

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