David Letterman Spotted for First Time Since Retirement Looking like Stephen Colbert

David Letterman was photographed for the first time since retirement while his replacement, Stephen Colbert, gets ready for his closeup.

It's a rare sighting of David Letterman since retiring from The Late Show!

Letterman was spotted strolling around New York City sporting a scraggly new white beard. He was dressed down in a racing jacket and cool shades.

And, guess who else is sporting a white beard - Letterman's replacement Stephen Colbert!

He calls it the "Colbeard," and said, "You may have noticed during my time off I adopted a beard that I found by the highway."

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Colbert says it's time to shave as he preps for the debut of his new show, but he just can't decide on his new look.

He played it for laughs as he shaved off just an inch of his mustache above his lip, adding, "There is nothing that people want more than not Hitler. See that, it's called the un-Hitler."

He even used a hot dog, not a sink, to catch stray hairs!

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Not satisfied, Colbert tapped into his inner superhero and shaved one side of his beard, saying, "Here we go, this side side-burn, this side clean. I call this the half-wolverine."

In the end, he went for clean Colbert.

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