Dentist Who Shares Name with Shamed Dr. Howard Schneider: 'I'm Not a Bad Guy!'

A Long Island dentist with the same name as embattled dentist Dr. Howard Schneider says he's getting hate mail from people confusing him with the other.

A well-respected dentist wants the world to know he's not the notorious Jacksonville, Florida, dentist under attack by moms.

"That is definitely not me," said Dr. Howard Schneider, a Long Island, New York, dentist. 

They have the same name – Dr. Howard Schneider.

INSIDE EDITION told you about the other Dr. Schneider; he's the dentist one mom tried to strangle.

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She was just one of a group of angry parents outraged at how they say Dr. Schneider treated their children.

He used a device called a “papoose” to restrain them during painful dental procedures and extract numerous teeth in one sitting!

"Do you abuse the children in your practice?" INSIDE EDITION'S Lisa Guerrero asked the Florida-based Dr. Schneider.

"Get out of here," he said.

The Florida dentist says he's done nothing wrong.

Parents across the nation expressed shock at our story. But now some are lashing out -- at the wrong dentist.

"My name is Dr. Howard W. Schneider, that other doctor is definitely not me. He's Dr. Howard S. Schneider," said the New York-based dentist, who practices 1,000 miles from Jacksonville.

He said he's getting the worst hate mail. "We got bomb threats. We got people saying, 'We hope your family dies of cancer. We hope you and your staff all go to jail."

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The New York-based Dr. Schneider wants everyone to know that he's a good guy.

INSIDE EDITION'S Diane McInerney said, “And how do I know he's a good guy? Because he's my kids dentist and he's one of the nicest, most caring doctors I've ever met."

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