Orphaned Deer and Raccoon Adorably Bond After Mothers Were Killed

A deer and a raccoon orphans became an unlikely pair after their mothers were killed and are being rehabilitated together.

Deer and raccoon orphans became unlikely friends after both of their mothers were hit and killed by cars in the Midwest.

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In a video by ViralHog, the four-day-old deer and two-month-old raccoon were joined together because they would each cry when they were left alone and they quickly became inseparable.

Steve, a wildlife rehabber, is currently orphaning the two pals, and will gradually release them back into the wild when they are able to survive on their own.

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He told INSIDE EDITION that they are both very sociable animals and the raccoon was not hurting the deer in the video. Even though they're in a large outdoor enclosure they choose to cuddle and sleep together in the carrier at night.

Steve usually rehabs a few raccoons, deer, and squirrels every year and loves how rewarding it is. For these two, it seems opposites really do attract.

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