The Secret Reason Why You Can Always Smell a Cinnabon

INSIDE EDITION reports on the ways companies lure you into stores with alluring aromas.

Delectable goodies that smell great are hard to resist. It's called scent marketing, and it's translating into a big business strategy.

No one knows the importance of the nose like Cinnabon. Kristen Hartman, Vice President of Marketing told INSIDE EDITION, "People will literally tell us that they'll be at the bottom of an escalator and they smell Cinnabon and it entices them and it draws them to the bakeries."

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Cinnabon stores are designed so that the oven is built in the front of the shop.

"The Cinnabon smell reminds me of grandma's kitchen on Sunday morning," said one customer.

Franchise owner Bill Gellfant showed us another little secret. He said, "We'll also burn cinnamon. Not so attractive, but it smells delicious and it increases the power of that aroma wafting out to the mall."

The pretzel franchise Auntie Anne's is also known for paying lots of attention to the scent marketing.

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Business consultant Joe Hubert said, "You buy with your nose before you buy with your eyes a little bit. Every time you open the oven door you get great gush of great pretzel smell."

And it's not just food. Lush cosmetics in Los Angeles sells homemade soaps that are displayed unwrapped to allow the fragrances to escape.

Mandy Kirschner told INSIDE EDITION, "We keep our door open so the lovely aromas from our unpackaged products are right near our door and they really help to draw customers in with their fragrance."

Ahh,  the sweet smell of scent marketing. Delicious.

This Story Originally Run in June 2014

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