Watch: Chicago Residents Shoot Dangerous Roman Candle Fireworks at Each Other for Fun

A Chicago street looked like the scene of a shootout when people started launching Roman candle fireworks at each other.

There was a shootout on the streets of Chicago at point-blank range.

But people were not using guns. They're fireworks, specifically Roman candles. They are a Fourth of July staple and designed to shoot fireballs into the air.

But more and more people are shooting them at each other, for fun!

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In a video obtained by INSIDE EDITION, two dads faced off on a suburban street They seemed to be having a good time, but make no mistake, what they are doing is really dangerous.

A few guys were left with serious burns after their epic Roman candle battle.

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Gus Dobes is the safety director at Garden State Fireworks in New Jersey. He told INSIDE EDITION, "When this comes at you, you can't stop it. It comes out like a bullet."

So while it might look like a lot of fun, but be warned, if you play with fire - you're gonna get burned!

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