Hospitalized Teen Discovers Arm Cast, Hilariously Yells: 'Where's My Arm?!'

When 13-year-old Walter Clark woke up after having anesthesia after breaking his arm, he was shocked to see a cast on his arm.

Walker Clark woke up after anesthesia and was shocked and amazed to discover the he broke his arm and that it was covered in a red cast.

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The 13-year-old exclaimed, “I have a cast! Look at my cast! Whoa! Look at my cast! My cast is amazing!”

Walker’s mom Kellie told INSIDE EDITION that her son fell while on a rope swing and that the break was so bad doctors had to put him under anesthesia for surgery because one of the bones was almost floating. But what shocked the family even more was that every time he fell asleep and woke up he kept forgetting that be broke his arm and was surprised by the cast.

Walker’s sister, Aubree, posted the hilarious video on YouTube.

The family toyed with him by covering his arm with a blanket. Walker thought his arm disappeared saying, “Where’d my cast go? Where’s my arm? Where’s my arm? I can’t find my arm!”

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They quickly removed the blanket and Walker was so happy to see his arm with the cast on and hugged his broken appendage in an adorable embrace.

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